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Sickle Serpent Belly Dance Company

Serpent Belly Dance Company Tribal Fusion style belly dance classes Operating out of the Eat*Surf*Yoga Studio Glencairn, Simon's Town, Cape Town Beginners

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Su Haila from Philippines

Su Haila offers belly dance class in all levels, size, shape and age. Contact Su Haila for more information or to join her classes via email:

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Belly dance


This is the home of belly dance. A living world of Middle Eastern dance where you can immerse yourself in its movement and colour, its costume and history

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How to belly dance

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Learning how to belly dance is to invite your self to engage with a world of joy, beauty, energy, fitness, positive self-image, myth, archetype and sensuality

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Belly dance costume


The second skin... the belly dance costume

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The shimmy is what everyone seems to love and look forward to. Here's the a definition from the Oxford English Dictionary...

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Bellydance Superstars

The 'Bellydance Superstars' is a fairly new addition to the belly dance world. The concept was created by Miles Copeland, the founder of I.R.S Records and the record label BTM

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Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez, born, Abdel Halim Ali Ismail Shabana was a renowned Egyptian singer and actor, from the 1950's to 1970's know throughout the Middle East as one of the greatest in Arabic music

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Plus size belly dance

Plus size belly dance costumes are for those of us who are more voluptuous than the norm!

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Egyptian belly dance

Egyptian belly dance has gone through many transformations. Originally there were two main classifications of dancers or female performers in Egypt

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Egyptian costumes

Many regions contribute to a wide variety of Egyptian costumes

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Oriental dance

In Egypt 'Oriental dance' is what the West refers to as 'belly dance'

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Nude Belly Dancing

Sexuallity vs. sensuality is what nude belly dancing is all about

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Tribal dance

There are many styles of tribal dance...

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Belly dancing

What is belly dancing? This term has grown from a Western perception and interpretation of dance forms originating in the area we call the Middle East

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Belly Dance Names

Names are phonetic signatures and this is no less so for belly dance names. Our name is one of the sounds that rings most familiar with us

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Belly dance festivals

International belly dance festivals

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Belly Dancing History

There is much debate about the subject of belly dancing history as the true origins of this dance are unknown, or rather untraceable

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Belly dancing exercise

All belly dancing exercise should start with correct body warm up and that is the focus of this page

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Learn to belly dance


What follows is a practical introduction to help you learn to belly dance. It is for guidance rather than a substitute for physical teaching

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Bellydancing health and benefits To speak of how bellydancing benefits the body is largely a personal matter

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Belly Dancer

What is a belly dancer? She's normally a woman of any age (though some men do belly dance) who engages in a dance form originating in the Middle East

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Egyptian music and rhythms

Welcome to the world of Egyptian music and Middle Eastern Rhythms

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Belly dance music

The rhythms of belly dance music and Middle Eastern music are inspired by the gaits of animals... the donkey, horse and camel

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Tribal Fusion

Tribal fusion costume, although not traditional, has for me the feeling of the ancient days. A dark gypsy vision

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Tribal style costume

The tribal style costume is the product of a new form of dance now emerging and becoming increasingly popular

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Oriental dance costume

Classical Oriental dance or Raqs Sharqi gave rise to the oriental dance costume

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Gothic Fusion

Gothic Fusion costume style is very similar to the Tribal Fusion costume although accessories and materials may be different

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Folk Dance Costume

When we look to folk dance costume and the folkloric dances from which they come the costume is very different to what has been described on other pages in this website

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Belly dance tops

Belly dance tops comprise the second of the two-piece skirt and top combo of the typical dance costume

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