Tribal Fusion

Tribal fusion costume, although not traditional, has for me the feeling of the ancient days. A dark gypsy vision.

The top follows in the vein of the bra or halter style and is decorated with real coins, old and new.

Other adornments sewn onto the top could be glass beads, semi/precious stones, feathers and real silver beads. Sometimes antique silver necklaces or threads of coins are draped from the top across the rib cage in various ways.

Black or coloured (depending on your preferance) flare pants or wide legged pants, normally made of a stretchy material, or a full circle skirt, or panelled skirt are worn as a base, over which drapes and hangs a heavy belt.

The tribal fusion belt has a solid base onto which is sewn a variety of objects similar to that on the bra: real coins, antique silver jewellery pieces, feathers, mirror trims, chain and glass beads to name a few.

Draped from the belt are a combination of tassels, strips of fabric, metallic chords, chain, antique silver jewellery, feathers, shells and antique or newly embroidered fabrics.

Again it is your choice what you choose to put into a costume and certain materials may attract you more than others.

On the head is sometimes worn an old silver and glass bead head piece that frames the face, and or flowers and silver necklaces or shells, woven into the hair.

Why not go from learning about tribal fusion to learning how to belly dance?


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