Plus size belly dance

Plus size belly dance costumes are for those of us who are more voluptuous than the norm!

I am glad you have found this dance for, as a moving art form, it is non-discriminatory and welcomes bodies of all shapes and sizes because it works for all types of female figure.

When it comes to the fabulous art of costuming, like most stores, people generally cater for an estimated average body size rather than those looking for plus size belly dance costumes. I myself am short and can never find things that fit me, so I have learnt to sew and recreate the clothing I buy. If you are looking for pre-made costumes I would suggest visiting my souq which will cater for the larger figure.

Alternatively make your own, which is the more fun route and would mean the costume is tailored to fit you perfectly. For ideas on making your own costume visit the page on affordable belly dance costuming and get tips for making your own.

Another alternative, if you come across a pre-made costume that you really like, but it's made for a smaller body, you can adapt it to a plus size belly dance costume. For example, the skirt can have an extra panel added to it. This panel could become the front or back centrepiece of the skirt, as you could make it in the same or a different coloured fabric to make up the difference.

You can then sew this onto an embodied trim, decorated band of a stronger fabric, whatever your style, it could even be a length of rubber, where the fabric will gather from to hang from the waistline. To attach your extra panel you decide where to slit the original skirt so as to make this extra addition work with the skirt. Now you can either sew it together including the extra panel, on elastic, or you could attach it with Velcro at the waistband, you could even make small reinforced holes along the waistband/trim of both the original and extra panel and lace it together. This would obviously leave two slits at these break points which you can leave open, wearing harem pants beneath.

For the top, you may have a larger bust which would mean, either you will have to make your own to match the skirt by buying your bra, costume or top size and then adapting and decorating it yourself. Or you could add fabric to the original bra cup or halter top and you could sew on extra lengths of elastic or fabric to extend the back clasp or halter.

I know these suggestions may seem obvious but I hope they inspire you to carry on and get creative with your affordable-belly-dancing-costumes.html


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