Tribal style costume

The tribal style costume is the product of a new form of dance now emerging and becoming increasingly popular. Two main veins of tribal style dance are American Tribal Style (ATS) and Tribal Fusion.

American Tribal Style

The ATS tribal style costume generally constitutes a full gypsy style skirt, layered and heavy, over this is a heavy tassled belt with a range of accessories added such as mirrors, an Indian influence, charms, bells and beads.

The top piece is most commonly an Indian 'choli', a small crop top decorated with mirrors and embroidery, which ties at the back with strings or chord. Antique and ornate jewellery hangs over the belly and adorns the neck and arms. Normally a turban made form veils is worn on the head with flowers and silver jewellery.

Why not go from learning about tribal style costume to learning how to belly dance?


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