Folk Dance Costume

When we look to folk dance costume and the folkloric dances from which they come the costume is very different to what has been described on other pages in this website.

Folk dance costume is similar across Egypt, the galabeya or djalabeya being a common element, though accessories such as jewellery and props and design work may vary according to which folk dance from which region is being performed.

In Egypt, the Sai'idi dance, originating in Southern Egypt, is performed in a galabeya, with a sash tied around the hips and a head- scarf. The dance is performed with a cane and originates from the women echoing the work of shepherds.

The sword dance, similarly, comes from women echoing the practices of warriors. This costume is similar again to that of the Sai'idi though probably made from different fabrics.

A particular fabric used in certain costumes is called Asuit or Asyut and comes from Upper Egypt. It is created by beating metal into thin flat strips that are then woven into a fabric base, normally a loose woven black fabric to my knowledge.

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