Belly Dance Names

Names are phonetic signatures and this is no less so for belly dance names. Our name is one of the sounds that rings most familiar with us. All names carry some sort of meaning and whether these meanings have a great, small or any impact or pre-ordained description of who we are, how we behave, what we do, or what we will become is up to you to contemplate.

When you take on the identity of a Middle Eastern Dancer, it happens from within, and this identity might already be found in your name on some level, but some feel this identity must be given a name of it's own.

This can be for many reasons such as when you perform professionally... some people want to keep their real identity hidden, or they want a stage name that they feel gives voice to the art they are practicing better than their own name.

So the choice is yours but I have listed a few belly dance names to give you some ideas...


  • Adara - Virgin
  • Alima - Wise
  • Azhar - Flowers, blossoms
  • Azizah, Azeeza - Esteemed, precious, cherished
  • Baraka - White one
  • Dalal - Treated or touched in a kind and loving way
  • Falak - Star
  • Farah - Joy
  • Faridah, Fareeda - Unique, precious pearl or gem
  • Fatinah - Alluring, enchanting
  • Gamilla, Gameela - Beautiful
  • Habibah - loved one, sweetheart
  • Hadiyyah - A gift
  • Leyla, Leila - Night
  • Malak - Angel
  • Nadia - The beginning, first
  • Nashita Energetic, full of life
  • Nawal - Gift
  • Nur, Nura - meaning Light
  • Rashida, Rasheeda - Wise, mature
  • Sahar - Dawn
  • Salma - Peaceful
  • Thurayya - Star
  • Widad - Love, friendship
  • Yasmiina - jasmine
  • Zahra' - White
  • Zakiyyah - Pure


  • Aine - Radiance, Joy
  • Aislin - Dream
  • Auryn- Gold
  • Ceridwen - The Mother Goddess
  • Isolde - Beautiful
  • Morgance - Sea-dweller
  • Siobhan - God is Gracious
  • Ula - Gem, jewel

Perhaps you've chosen from this list of belly dance names so now why not find out how to belly dance?


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