Belly dance festivals

International belly dance festivals

'Ahlan Wa Sahlan' - Cairo Dance Festival

Raqia Hassan's International Dance Festival invites dancers to Cairo from all over the world to partake in workshops, seminars and performance. Traders in all things to do with this dance set up souq on site.

This event happens every year normally towards the end of June. Visit Raqia's website for information and bookings.

Another international festival, held in Europe...

Click here... International Belly dance Congress for information and registration.

Stockholm Belly Dance Festivals

Held every year in May, it includes events, workshops and a bazaar.

South African National Belly Dance Festival

Dancers from all over South Africa gather in Cape Town for this annual festival, which includes performances throughout the day and workshops open to the public. A small entrance fee gets you into the performance hall. There is a souq where you can purchase all sorts of regalia from dance shoes to swords, music and jewellery.

This event happens in April of every year.

For info on belly dance in Australia see what Sirena has for you at Belly Dance Oz where you'll find a video celebration of Australian belly dancers.

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