"It is the darkness that is the light, and the stillness that is the dancing"

TS Elliot

Belly dance tops...

...coin bra's, beaded and sequined bras, Choli's

Belly dance tops comprise the second of the two-piece skirt and top combo of the typical dance costume.

Styles of belly dance tops vary according to preference but the most common is a bra or bikini style top. To the base are sewn coins, beads, mirrors, fur, chain, charms, ornate broaches, bead fringes and sequins, depending on the style of dance you perform, your colour preference and the costume 'feel' you want to portray, you will use all of, or a combination of some of the mentioned accessories.

The Choli top is Indian in origin and worn with a sari or, as in Rajastan, with a full embroided gypsy skirt. In belly dance, this top is more commonly seen in the tribal style dance costume.

It is emboided with bright or deep earth colours and decorated with small round or square mirrors. It normally hangs half way down the upper body, leaving the belly button revealed, and ties at the back with string or chord, at the neck and again at the middle back.

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